GlobeDreamers contest

We are participating to the GlobeDreamers contest to win our dream travel to Nepal in October. After a long selection process, Shark and I are among the 15 finalists and now we really need your vote! The 3 candidates with most votes until August 6 will win their travel.

Vote for us on the GlobeDreamers website in less than 10 seconds!

Visit the GlobeDreamers website. Click on “VOTER” below our picture (Maria Himmich). Enter your email. If it says “Mail invalide”, it’s because there is a space before or after your email. Just delete it and click again.  In order to validate your vote for me, you need to vote for a second candidate too. If you receive an email confirmation from GlobeDreamers (check your SPAMs), it means that you helped us make our dream come true. If you have many emails, you can vote many times 🙂



Learn more about our travel project to Nepal through this video…

Our first video challenge in order to win the contest: record a vox pop!