Bolivia intrigued me since the very first time I heard about it. This country seemed so far away, mysterious, inaccessible… Until the day my friend Fadoua spent 3 weeks in Bolivia and made me want to discover it even more. So after Colombia and Peru, my dog Shark and I went to Bolivia to start 2017 in a beautiful way!

I have to confess it right now: I have traveled a lot but I have never been more amazed by the beauty of landscapes than in this Andean country. Everything is just so different from all I have seen or known before. Culture, people, altitude, nature, animals, traditions… My only regret is that I couldn’t explore Bolivia as much as I wanted. But I will go back for sure!

We crossed the border from Peru to Bolivia by bus in Copacabana. We navigated on the famous Titicaca lake to reach Isla del Sol, the island where the Sun was born according to the Incas. Then we went to La Paz, the highest capital in the world, where we watched a strange local show: Cholitas wrestling (women who wear the traditional clothes and a bowler hat). Finally, we flew to Uyuni, the village from where 3-day expeditions begin to the Salar of Uyuni (the largest salt desert in the world) and the magical region of South Lipez, on the border with Chile. Ready for a huge change of scenery?

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