7 good reasons to live in Bordeaux with your dog

Bordeaux with a dog

December 2015: time has come to leave Bordeaux after 8 months spent with my dog Shark in my adopted town. Thanks to a new job opportunity, we are both flying to long faraway horizon. As I loved living in Bordeaux with Shark, I really wanted to explain why this city is so dog friendly and why we decided to come back in 2017. There are 7 reasons why you would love live in Bordeaux with your dog.


1 – Bordeaux is a city with lots of dogs

I had never noticed it before having Shark, but there are so many dogs in Bordeaux! According to the latest statistics released in 2011, the city counts 60.000 dogs, meaning that there is approximately 1 dog for 4 inhabitants and therefore, so many possibilities to meet new friends! As a matter of fact, I met quite a few people with dogs during our daily walks in the neighborhood. Who said that only dogs can socialize? 🙂

2 – In Bordeaux, there are plenty of places to walk 

Bordeaux is not a huge and crowded city so walking is really a pleasant activity. You will have a very wide choice of places for walks: several parks, squares, quiet streets, and especially the quays! Whether it is on the left bank or the right bank of the Garonne river, this space is ideal to stretch your legs and those of your dog. If you are into running, I recommend you to make the following loop: quays of the left bank – bridge of Pierre – quays of the right bank – bridge of Chaban Delmas. A route of 6,7 km to discover on Walkli.

Bordeaux with your dog

Dog socialization – On the left quays

3 – In Bordeaux, dogs take public transportation

The network of public transportation of Bordeaux (TBC) allows dogs on all the buses and tramways. That’s not the case in all cities! Dogs must be on leash or in a basket, but those of category 1 and 2 are not allowed. Enjoy it as it’s free! Try also the Batcub (river boat) with your dog. See TBC website for more information.

4- In Bordeaux, dogs are allowed in parks and gardens

In Bordeaux, dogs are welcome in all parks and gardens (on leash), and that’s a privilege too! Ask Parisians if they are allowed to walk their dogs in many urban green spaces. Enjoy a natural break in the Jardin Public or the Parc Rivière (besides, they both offer dog alleys), Jardin des Remparts and other parks of the Metropolis.

Bordeaux with a dog

Garden of Ramparts – Park of l’Hermitage

5 – In Bordeaux, there are free poop bag dispensers

In Bordeaux, the City hall provides free poop bag dispensers. There are 75 of them located quite everywhere in the city. No excuse! We have to clean after our dog. Plus, you can find the localization of these dispensers in the website of the City Hall of Bordeaux (select Propreté -> Chien ) .

6 – In Bordeaux, you can go to the restaurant with your dog

Going to the restaurant or a café with your dog? In Bordeaux it’s possible! Besides the numerous outdoor places where you can seat without any problem, some places allows dogs indoors. Of course, your companion has to be well-educated, on leash and not disturb other clients. I strongly recommend you the restaurants Le Chien de Pavlov and The Market Tavern!

Restaurant "Le Chien de Pavlov": Denise, the dog of the restaurant - Shark presenting the menu

Restaurant “Le Chien de Pavlov”: Denise, the dog of the restaurant – Shark presenting the menu

7 – From Bordeaux, discover the treasures of the region of Gironde

Bordeaux is located in Gironde, a region that offers a wide variety of landscape within a 1-hour drive: forests, beaches, vineyards, lakes, dunes of sand… It’s just ideal when you want to escape from the city for a day trip with your dog! If you don’t have a car, the buses of TransGironde facilitate your transportation,  as well as the trains TER of SNCF. To get ideas of day trips, check out the website of the Tourist office of Gironde.

Bordeaux with a dog

In Lege-Cap Ferret – On the dune of Pilat

Do you want to live in Bordeaux with your dog?


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Photos & contents @ The Tropical Dog 2015-2017. 

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