Plan a trip with a dog: 6 useful websites

plan a trip with a dog

Wondering how to plan a trip with a dog ? The first time, hundreds of questions may be scrambling in your head. What are the sanitary regulations? How to organize the transportation of your pet? Where to find a pet friendly accommodation? What kind of activities to do with your dog? Don’t worry, I have asked myself all these questions before starting to travel with my dog Shark in 2014. Therefore, I share with you my 6 useful websites to help you plan a trip with a dog. Tested and approved!

“How to plan a trip with a dog?”

1 – IATA : learn the official requirements 

Well, this is my bedside book, my bible: the website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Indeed, it gathers all the information about the requirements to travel with a pet abroad. Therefore, you can know if a country has a quarantine rule or if another only needs the pet’s health documents. The website in only available in English. Click on the “country information” section, then choose your destination. You will find the information under the “pets” title. If you hesitate about your next vacation destination with your dog, compare the requirements of each country. This website is 100% reliable.

🌍Discover IATA‘s website

2 – ANIVETVOYAGE : benefit from a vet’s advice 

If you understand French, I recommend the website Anivetvoyage. Created by a French vet, it shares the pet transport formalities for each country. You will also find useful pet health advice and other important information to plan a trip with a dog or a cat, especially to go or return to the European Union.


3 – LILIGO : get the best rate for your transportation

Traveling with a dog involves extra costs. My tip to offset that expense? Save money by comparing the price of flights but also car rental online. That’s why I have been using Liligo for over a year. Liligo is a free online service created in France. It is available in many languages. I find the best rates every time, like for my last trip in Crete. I was able to get a SUV at a very competitive price in a few clicks. Plus, Liligo publishes a very interesting The Traveller’s Magazine (available in English).

🚙✈ Discover

4 – WALKLI : explore your destination on foot

This is one of my favorite websites! Walkli shares ideas to explore many destinations around the world on foot. It’s not a secret, dogs love to go on a stroll. Since Shark came into my life, I love to walk with her to discover new places. In fact, large dogs are not allowed in most public transportation in various countries. So I use Walkli to find strolls created by locals and travel experts. It’s free and you can also participate to this awesome initiative by sharing your own paths. By the way, you will find my paths in Morocco, Colombia, Peru and France on the website.


5 – BOOKING : find a dog friendly hotel

There are so many websites to book hotels out there. As to me, I trust Booking since 2010. Never disappointed! I have been using Booking even more since I travel with my dog Shark. In fact, the website includes a filter “pet friendly” that helps a lot to plan a trip with a dog. You will find it in the “Facility” list in the menu on the left. Moreover, each hotel indicates if pets are allowed for free, with an extra fee or upon request. This detail saves me a lot of time! Without it, I would have to contact each hotel to ask if they accept my dog.

Tip: from my experience on Booking, when a hotel allows pets at an extra fee or upon request, it usually means that only small ones are accepted. In that case, contact the hotel to ask about their regulations. On the other hand, if a hotel indicates that pets are allowed for free, it’s fine! Just let them know that you are coming with your dog or cat when making the reservation.


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6 – AIRBNB : stay in a dog friendly house

I also use Airbnb, especially when I want to rent an entire house or if I’m visiting a remote place. Indeed, some villages don’t have hotels. That’s how I planned my road trip in Western France in 2017 for example. The website has a filter called “pets allowed” in the “house rules” section to help you find a dog friendly accommodation.


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“So, ready to plan a trip with a dog?”

If you have any question, leave me a comment below 😉 

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